Advantages of Beston Group Egg Tray Making Machine

Egg tray making machine is the machine used in the manufacturing of paper trays like egg trays, egg cartons and egg boxes using waste papers. The machine turns waste into a usable and profitable product thus solving the problem of waste papers all over. Eggs tray making machine is getting popular among investors due to high demand for egg trays since the population is increasing thus a larger demand for eggs. Eggs tray making machines are designed and manufactured according to the production efficiency, pulp molding tools, products quality, easy low maintenance, cost effective pulp. The raw materials used in the process are wood pulp, old newspapers, craft paper, old books. The final product is the paper trays, where the egg trays are good protection shell for eggs during transportation and storage.

Egg Tray Machine
Egg Tray Making Machine for Sale

Types of eggs tray making machines

1. Small egg tray making machines; It is fit for small scale factories and homes. It can make 1000 pieces to 1500 pieces of trays per hour.

2. Semi-automatic egg tray making machines; It can make average volumes of trays, 2000 to 2500 pieces of trays per hour. It leads to high quality, high efficiency, and high productivity.

3. Automatic egg tray making machines; It is one of the professional egg tray making machines suppliers. It is suitable for massive manufacturers and it’s more effective.

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Paper Egg Tray Machine
Paper Egg Tray Making Machine

Features of egg tray making machines

1. It is easy to operate. Due to high automation, the machines do most work thus making it easy and safe to handle the whole production.

2. Less power consumption. Workers dry the wet trays naturally and pack up manually thus reducing fuel cost.

3. Low maintenance. It has an increased working efficiency with a lower failure rate.

4. It is eco -friendly. The waste papers are recycled into paper trays through the machine.

5. After sales services. Once you purchase these egg tray making machines a professional team can be provided for consultation, given products updates for both old and new customers and also quick wear supply.

6. Beston Group egg tray making machines produce diverse kinds of pulp products. When relevant molds are changed, the pulp molding equipment can make a variety of pulp trays such as egg trays, egg cartons, egg boxes, fruit trays.

7. The technology is reasonable and convenient. It has a reasonable design, also applying vacuum technology to mold pulp products.

Technology description for egg tray making machines

The working process of the egg tray making machine is composed of the pulping system, molding system, drying, and packing system.

1. Pulping system; This is the first step in the manufacturing of trays which involves making of slurry. In the hydra-pulper waste paper is put through vibrating screen and refiner for cleaning and refining. Hydrapulper then smashes raw materials that are, paper waste, to get blurry. Then adjust the slurry concentration in the pulp pool.

2. Molding system. The mixer is the put in the molder. Through the vacuum section and with the help air compressor and molding machine, wet trays formed and are taken to form molds. washing off tray edge in each cycle. Then these trays are conveyed for drying through the conveyor.

3. Drying and packing system; On the side of the dryer through the vacuum and tight air, the wet paper trays are put from forming molds to transfer mold. Then transfer molds put wet trays on are conveyed for drying and the cycle repeats. To dry the wet trays choose either traditional brick drying line or metal drying line. Drying squeeze excess water out of the wet trays. After drying, the trays are ready for packaging. Use hot pressure machine and packaging machine to pack the trays. The hot pressure reduces the volume of larger batches of trays thus easier to pack them.

The Egg Tray Making Machine is beneficial to both the government and the public since it reduces the waste paper without pollution during the whole manufacturing process. Egg Tray Making Machines business is an ideal and optimal choice to invest due to market potentiality. This is because there are no other suitable options for egg storage and transportation, many eggs are broken leading to monetary loss. However every business idea has its pros and cons, thus you need to do proper research and get good skills to know the various aspects of the business before starting up.