Useful Cost Analysis of Egg Tray Machine

The most concern about egg tray making machine for most customers is the cost. Most of them will want to know how much does it cost before they buy theirs. However, it is important to have some information concerning the paper egg tray making machine before you go to the price. With the idea of how it works and the raw materials that are required to make egg trays, the price will not make you worry. Among the leading egg tray machine supplier is Beston Machinery. They are experienced in the production and export of the egg tray in most countries.

What Is Egg Tray Machine?

As I said it good to know what the machine entails before looking at its cost. Egg tray machine is a type of machine that uses the waste materials more especially waste papers in making egg trays. The whole process that involved tray making involves 4 major steps. The steps include pulp making from the waste, molding trays, drying trays and packaging process. All this process plays an important role in the production of the tray.

Average Cost of Egg Tray Machine

In order to come up with the exact price of the machine, there are various factors that are put into considerations. These factors are the one that determines the price at which the machine will be sold. The costs include,

Cost of Equipment

There is various equipment that is used in making of the machine. To add on that one need to have a refiner, pump, and pulper within the pulp making system. You also need equipment in packaging and drying system. While the most important part is the pulp molding machine price All this equipment is considered when setting up the cost of egg tray production by the use of this machine.

Raw Material, Fuel and Labor Force Cost

The raw material used, labor use and fuel applied in the egg tray production is essential. With the raw materials, it uses waste materials that are readily available or that are cheap. However, for high production, the machine has used advanced technology so that to ensure energy is well utilized.

Transport Costs

The producer of the machine is willing and able to transport the machine to any place. For you, if you are importing it the cost of the machine will always be higher. This is why you need to choose the best egg tray company that will be able to export the machine to your place.

Maintenance Cost

For you to achieve in your production you always need to maintain your machine. However, getting a stable and high-quality machine that is able to work for a long period is important. This will help you in saving some of the costs that would have been used for maintenance. With the Beston egg tray machine, it is made in a way that it can work for a long period without failing or requiring maintenance. Also, there is a full-service system to serve you all the time.

Installation Costs

The place where the machine will be set is supposed to be prepared. On it, you need to have a drying room, pulp pools among other things. One of the best things some customers have done to cut this cost is to use the Beston to integrate it. For them, they can give you the drying room system. This will help to save your place but it will also increase the cost of the machine. All these factors are used up in setting up the cost of the machine. If at all some of them will be fixed it will help in lowering the cost of it.

How Can We Lower the Cost of Egg Tray Machine?

Considering all the factors we have mentioned, we can say that the egg tray machine price is somehow high. However, there is a way in which you can do in order to lower some of the expenses we have discussed. One of them is to buy the machine from Beston; their machine is trusted and hence can work for a long period without failing. This will help in cutting the maintenance cost. Their shipping cost is somehow lower when compared to others.


Egg tray making machine is a very important machine. The cost of the machine should not worry you if you really need to invest in tray making. Beston Company is the company to order from because their machines are of high quality. They will also help you in coming up with products of high quality.