The Different Types Of Carbonization Equipment

There are different types of carbonization equipment used by different companies. If you are considering carbonization equipment, you need to know what the different types are. You also need to know what the different types of carbonization equipment will use to create charcoal which is the output of this process.

Carbonization Equipment
Carbonization Equipment

Biomass Carbonization Equipment

The first type of carbonization equipment (tipo de maquina para hacer carbon) that you need to know about is biomass carbonization plant. As the name suggests, this equipment will make use of organic materials to create carbon. The way that this works will vary depending on the plant, but many will use a double-layer design.

This is generally considered the best carbonization plant because of the range of organic material it can use. It is also the best for those who want to make full use of crop waste. However, if you only have one type of organic waste to use, this might not be the best piece of equipment to get.

Charcoal Machines
Charcoal Machines

Wood Charcoal Machines

One of the machines that are widely used in a number of industries is a wood charcoal machine. When you use this machine, you will need to use wood-based materials such as sawdust and palm shells. These machines will generally take 2 to 3 hours to carbonize and the charcoal will only be provided after it has been cooled.

There are some machines that will also collect wood tar oil. This is a by-product of the carbonization process which has more than 300 different chemical elements.

Charcoal Making Machine
Charcoal Making Machine

Coconut Shell Charcoal Making Machine

Another piece of equipment(pieza de maquina de reciclaje) that you can use is a coconut shell charcoal machine. This machine is ideal for businesses in countries where coconut production is abundant. It is also ideal for businesses that use coconuts in their production processes and have shells as waste.

It is important to note that many of these machines will be able to process more raw materials than just coconut shells. These machines will use agricultural waste, rice husks, and peanut shells to create charcoal bricks. The bricks that come from these machines are ideal for BBQ as they are non-toxic and will have a high thermal energy.

Sewage Sludge Carbonization Plant

If you are looking for a more advanced machine, sewage sludge carbonization equipment is the best answer. As the name suggests, these machines will convert sewage sludge into charcoal which can be used for power generation. It is important to note that the charcoal from these machines should not be used for any other purpose.

Sewage sludge is generally a product of waste water treatment and will occupy a large amount of space in landfills. Making use of this sludge to create charcoal will reduce landfill usage and provide better management of this waste.

There are many different types of carbonization equipment that you need to know about. These machines will turn raw materials such as wood, coconut shells and sewage sludge into charcoal. Depending on the raw material, the charcoal can be used for a range of purposes from energy production to cooking.

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