Knowing Something Necessary About Solid Waste Management Equipment

The solid municipal waste produced can be sorted into different types based on their nature and characters and can be used to generate revenue or used in several industrial processes by further processing them. The waste produced is separated into various categories like organic waste, inorganic waste, soil or sand, non-recyclable material, iron, and magnetic waste, and thin plastics by solid waste management plant for sale. These waste compounds are separated using different techniques like magnetic separation, bouncing method, cyclone method, gravity or volumetric method, etc.

Beston Solid Waste Management Plants for Sale
Beston Solid Waste Management Plants for Sale

Features of the solid waste management equipment

1. It is highly efficient and fast. From the time of feeding, the end products are discharged within 45 minutes.

2. It has a safe working environment and doesn’t cause any health hazards to labor or harm to the environment. Because of the complete insulation, it doesn’t emit any harmful gas or there is no direct interaction of the labor with the material.

3. Complete recycling of solid waste is achieved.

4. The plant doesn’t occupy much space and has a very short construction period.

5. Due to its advanced technology and efficient designing, complete utilization of the raw material is achieved.

6. It needs low maintenance and operating cost due to the ready availability of the raw material. Go on Beston Group to know more.

The operation process of the Plant includes

Garbage crushing and feeding

The solid waste is initially crushed by the garbage crushing machine and is then fed into the pit.

Screening of the waste

This includes pre-sorting screening, comprehensive sorting, and manual sorting platform. The pre-sorting equipment has sieved plates with the help of which the solid waste is separated based on the size. The size of the sieve is 50mm. Usually, the organic matter is separated in this step. Once the organic waste is separated, the magnetic system separates the iron particles from the waste. The organic waste collected is further processed and used. After pre-sorting, the inorganic wastes like heavy plastic, bricks hard plastic, rubber, etc are sorted. The manual sorting helps in separating the waste like wood, clothes, etc.

Affordable Solid Waste Management Plant Costs
Affordable Solid Waste Management Plant Costs


After the waste is sorted, it is sent for packing through the conveyor belt.


The deodorant equipment is used to deodorize the final waste baggage, to prevent any bad odor.

Monitoring System

The whole process of waste management is controlled by the monitoring system.

There are different models of waste management equipment. These are differentiated based on their capacity, which ranges between 5 T/H to 20 T/H.

The power consumption ranges from 149KW to 279KW, depending on the capacity of the plant.

The raw material can be an industrial waste, municipal waste, household waste, mining waste, etc.

Uses of end products of solid waste management equipment

The solid waste that is separated, like plastic, is used in generating fuel oil by pyrolysis, which is a great source of energy or waste like hard plastic can be recycled into new products.

The organic waste can be processed and used as fertilizer in the fields.

Significance of Waste Management Plant

1. It uses daily waste as raw material which is readily available and hence no extra cost on raw material is required.

2. It is eco-friendly and doesn’t cause any kind of pollution.

3. The equipment is made of high-quality material and has high durability.

4. the end products produced are used in several applications and generates good profits.

5. They come in various sizes, making it easy for the customer to choose according to their requirements and the size of their business.

6. It is profitable to both individual business and government businesses.

7. They come at affordable prices and the cost again depends on the capacity of the machine.

Things to Consider While Buying The Machine

1. Depending on the size of the business, the customer can choose among three different capacities of the machine available.

2. The quality of the machine is the most important thing to be considered.

3. The ease of operation plays a very important role in production and maintenance.

4. Estimate the revenue that can be generated and compare it against the investment.

5. Always check for the licenses and the certificates of quality of the machine.

6. A good after-sales service is equally important for a successful business operation.

These solid waste management equipment are proved to be beneficial, generating good profits and has high market demand all over the world. Get these plants right now: